Why Hire an Interior Designer?


Interior Design....It's not like you see on TV.  Let's be clear.  I recently had a client that thought I was going to barge in and tell them what they were going to get for a design.  They were so surprised when I brought back options and we thought about it together!


Interior Designers work with you to complete your vision.  Unless you want us to just "make it happen"...we can do that too. We work with you to create a design that is what you want.  We don't surprise you.  You are involved though out the process, but we manage, advise and guide you.


We can see the reality of your project, keep you on track and on budget while fulfilling a fantastic design.  We are there to protect you and your budget to make sure you are happy with the outcome.  We know the pitfalls, we know who to trust for quality, stylish, custom products and services.  We'll make sure you stay in the budget you determine and keep the design with in the realm of possibilities.


We think of options you would not.  We bring fresh ideas to the table and make figuring out your style our priority.  We have a process that we walk you through so everything is taken into consideration.  We can save you money by saving you from costly mistake because we know the process.  We speak contractor.  We'll keep your design in tact and on pace to finish on time.


We have access to the best quality materials, furnishings and fixtures.  You don't have to have a big budget to have an beautiful design.  We can save you money where we can using quality "to the trade" vendors and can splurge on that custom piece you can only get though an interior designer.  You have options.  There are many ways to complete a well thought out design.  We sort though options and bring you the best of the choices to choose from.  We are professional design editors.  We can break through the myriad of inspiration photos to really get what you want in your space.  We also can add that pop to a design that makes it perfect for you.


We save you time and know what works from experience.  We bring you a custom design, but we don't reinvent the wheel to do it.  If obstacles appear, which happens, we know how to mitigate the cost or delays.  We protect you.


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